MyVilla Locations

MyVilla offers different solutions to its guests: a bed & breakfast in the main residence, in Palazzo Canavese, two suites always in Palazzo, and two charming apartments located in nearby Ivrea, a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site since 2018.

Our intimate reflections


November 2022 - For the past two years, my husband and I have spent a lot of time thinking about our lives, our priorities, and what we desire for our future. Living through a pandemic made us shift our focus back to the importance of the small things and ended up recreating what we thought the rest of our lives would look like. We realized that living a busy schedule made our hearts feel full, we needed something else. We wanted to create a space that felt like time has stopped so that we can "stop and smell the roses." …and this is how the idea of My Villa came to fruition.

We love having people around! Every weekend we have get-togethers with friends. The kitchen is always full with dishes like homemade agnolotti alla piemontese, un piatto di spaghetti, or even just a BBQ! We appreciate how lucky we were to have this magical place to live, but it was during the depths of the pandemic that our idea came to share this magical place with others.

And just like Sydney Harris’s quote, “The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." MyVilla is perfect for us, and we feel it could be an inspiration for you too. So, come on over because, “mi casa es tu casa!”


A testimonial from our guests.

"MyVilla is a new and fascinating experience that comes from the love for the territory, the simple, nice and good things that Marina and Carlo cultivate and take care of, starting from friendship."

Graziella G.